Monday, December 18, 2006

Still Here...

...just sick with the norovirus-y thing. Been doubled up in the bathroom or curled under two down comforters in the living room all day. I had to call Mojo to come home when he was barely half way to work, it came on so suddenly.

It was a horrific comedy of errors: my being violently ill in the bathroom and trying to occupy the kidlet and keep her safe and from getting all into my sickness. I had to jump in the shower to clean off and she just climbed right in after me, wearing all her clothes and her cool new ladybug galoshes.

My mom came tonight so Mojo could go to do the radio show, thank the gods. She made dinner, fed and bathed Arabis, tidied the toys littering the living room and rocked the girl to sleep. Me? I just laid on the day bed and moaned. Pathetic!

Mojo was not pleased about having to come home today. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, with him at work, Mom at work and me barely able to move and completely unable to eat. One minute at a time, I guess.

To top it off, Mojo's son, Monkey Boi, is flying in from Ohio on Wednesday night and the house looks like some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose.



Elaine said...

That officially sucks. Hope it works out for you and no space monkeys attack.

boogiemum said...

Kids at that age don't really care what a home looks like, don't worry. And from what I remember, he is really good at playing with Arabis, so that will be an excellent help for you to recover and/or tidy up. My SD always feels terribly important when I "need" her to help.

Hope you are well soon, and the rest of your family stays "sick free"...

Jill said...

Yick. We've been sick here too. The good news is the Norovirus usually leaves as quickly as it comes.

I'm totally ready to kick 2006 to the curb. You? On to a better new year!