Wednesday, January 31, 2007


We've been puke-free for three full days now.

The child was up and playing again as of yesterday, though with a little less enthusiasm then usual. Food is being gradually reintroduced with no upset. We even ventured out into the world today. It's nap-time now and Arabis is in the center of a pile of kitties on the day bed.

I'm trying to gauge whether or not it's safe to take her to her music class tomorrow. We've attended one and missed the following two due to illness. I doubt she's contagious. Just not sure if she's up to it or not. God, I wish the kid could talk.

Although...she did say "caper" yesterday. Heh. My little Bruno.

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes! We survived (knock on wood, spit thrice)! Yippee!!


Kate Christ said...

"puke-free for three days" - sounds like one of those workplace safety signs. :)

But seriously, glad the little nipper is feeling better!

boogiemum said...

Hope every one is alright over there. Been missing you!

Artemis Rich said...

Thanks, Kate and Boogiemum!

Sorry it's been so long. Between the Bit being sick and now cutting her four canines, my computer time is seriously compromised. Plus the next post? Is number 100. And I feel I must do something "special."

Egads, the pressure!