Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Totland Fun and a Blast from the Past!

A photo montage of last Wednesday with my dear friend, Belva (Mystress Fyre), down from Canada to work on The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival. She's back in Canada now, but returns in September permanently to once again teach fire perfomance and grace us all with her amazing self.

A bit of history:

This is our fire troupe, Kabari, which Belva founded three years ago, performing at The Crucible's 2004 Fire Arts Festival. We have since gone on to other things (Belva back to Canada, I had a baby...etc.)

Kabari 2
I am on the left, then Betsy, Belva and Summer.

Here is another particularly dramatic shot of Summer and myself (I am kneeling to the right seemingly engulfed in flame, while Summer spins near me):

kabari 5
Yes, I really do play with fire! (The stuff about the sharks and the scissors is also true, but those are stories for other times.)

Cut to one week ago, where we had a fabulous day at Totland in the sun. The Bit ran wild all over the park, with Monkey Boi, her ever present attendant, close at her heels. This gave Belva and I much chance to chat, compare lives and future plans.

Who's the Rock Star?
Who's the rock star?

Not so hot about the swing-experience, despite Monkey Boi's careful attentions.

Belva and Arabis
Staring contest. Belva and Arabis.

"Okay, so this one time, your mama was doing a show and there was this guy I knew..."

Yes. Belva was the woman who introduced Mojo and I and is thus indirectly responsible for my lovely daughter's being. She is also the best nanny in the world and I can't wait for her to come back to the Bay Area again and be a part of our lives!

NOTE: Fire photos by Waldemar Horwat. (Thank you!)


boogiemum said...

where are youuu? are you out playing with fire and swimming with sharks? I hope so, so much fun!

Artemis Rich said...

No, alas, I am not. I *just* got home a few hours ago from a quickie vacation with the kids in Santa Cruz. As soon as I unload the car, unpack, download pictures and get the kids to sleep, I can write an update.

Soon! I promise!