Monday, July 10, 2006

Twelve Stitches Later...

Just a very quick update to say thank you for all the calls and well wishes.

Mojo stayed home from work today and has been wrangling the baby and the boi. And me? What have *I* been doing? Sleep. Wonderful sleep. There has been much, much sleep. And napping. Did I mention the naps? There have been two naps already today. Lovely, lovely naps.

The upshot of this is that the swelling has gone down tremendously. I can even wiggle my toes now! I am also able to put a little bit of weight on my leg. Go me!

My mom is coming over tonight when Mojo goes off to do his radio show and tomorrow I have a couple people who'll be stopping by. If anyone else wants to come, we'll make it a party!

There needs to be some musing on the fact that Mojo has been primary caregiver for the last 36 hours...something he has been more than a little nervous about. He is doing *fabulously* and Arabis is shining with so much Papa time.

Off to take more drugs now...and possibly another nap.

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