Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Smell of White Gas, the Roar of the Flame

Home from fire rehearsal to find Arabis and Mojo asleep together on the sofa. I strip off my sooty and soiled clothes in the bathroom and immediately jump in the shower. The water is as redemptive as the fire was. I scrub, smile at the familiar smell of burnt hair, close my eyes and let the water run over my face. Today was a shitty day and I was able to burn it all away this evening.

Someone once asked me what the unifying theme was that all fire dancers possessed ( fire?). The person pressed and I replied; "None of us have hair on our arms."

I'm starting to feel like I'm coming back.


boogiemum said...

Welcome back! I have missed you. I am glad to see you are in better spirits too! So how has the move been? I think we need some new pictures of your little cutie :)

Artemis Rich said...

Hi, Boogiemum! I've missed you too.

I'm crazily busy right now, but all will be revealed soon.

As for photos? Heh. I've got 'em all right. All 628 of them...still in my camera. Once we're a little more settled. Promise!