Friday, November 21, 2008

Sometimes There is No Compelling Reason Why

Alternate Title: Why I am a Terrible Mother

Arabis: Mommy, want cookies for breakfast!

Me: No, sweetie. Cookies are not for breakfast. Would you like an egg and toast (her favorite)?

Arabis: No, thank you. Want cookies!

Me: No cookies for breakfast. Maybe we can have a cookie for dessert. How about a bowl of cereal and some strawberries?

Arabis: No! Want cookies and a glass of milk. PLEEEEEEASE?

Me: Sorry, ducks. No cookies for breakfast.

Arabis: Why?

And you know what? Damned if I couldn't think of one reason why. So we had cookies and milk for breakfast (for those wondering, they were Trader Joe's Shortbread cookies with fruit filing and chocolate filling. At least there were no crappy preservatives).

They were really good, too!

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