Monday, November 02, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

The list grows:

Rose Rushdoony Deovlet (Grandma Rosie)
Phil Deovlet (Grandpa)
Robert H. Deovlet (Uncle Bob)
Gloria Deovlet (Auntie Gloria)
Rose (Vartoohi) Mahdesian Deovlet (Grandma Darling)
Benjamin Deovlet (Grandpa Darling)
Richard Deovlet -(Uncle Ricky)
Rose (Vartanoush) Rushdoony (Grandma Rushdoony)
Y.K. Rushdoony (Grandpa Rushdoony)
Mary Movsesian (Auntie Mim)
Spurgeon Avakian (Uncle Sparky)
Ruth Avakian (Auntie Ruthie)
Evelyn Cooper Smith (Grandma Evelyn)
Haywood Smith (Grandpa Haywood)
Joy Deane Wagner
Auntie Margie
Auntie Posie
Mullah Don Brown
Dave Coker
Fred Cone
Brian Dall'Armi
Maxina Danner (Snookie)
Jorge Luis Farias-Martinez
Ronnie Geoffrion
Mary Jo Goss
Tony Guzman
Mace Hanley
Bill Harris
Michael Hefflin
Jerry Josephs
Jennifer Lee
Patrick Lee
Ruth Leggett
Wally Lockwood
Amethyst Mariani
Evan McCaskey
Don Mills
Shelly Munge
Dan O'Brien
Theryl O'Ryan
Timur Otus
Ricky Paul
Dave Ricker
Phil Robledo
Barbara Rose
Sally Schneider
Andrew Small
Manny Suarez
Sully (Gordon Sullivan)
Bob Thomas
Marilyn Tutunjian (Punky)
Linda Underhill
Robin Wadsworth
Bob Wright
Margie Wright
Wolfie, the Maine Coon of my heart

As every year, I pause. I read the names aloud and hear the echo in my heart. I wrack my brain fearing, knowing, I left someone out. I cry. I remember. I love.

No more words of my own. Take these in their place:


by Christina Rossetti
When I am dead, my dearest,
Sing no sad songs for me;
Plant thou no roses at my head,
Nor shady cypress tree:
Be the green grass above me
With showers and dewdrops wet;
And if thou wilt, remember,
And if thou wilt, forget.

I shall not see the shadows,
I shall not feel the rain;
I shall not hear the nightingale
Sing on, as if in pain;
And dreaming through the twilight
That doth not rise nor set,
Haply I may remember,
And haply may forget.


Larry said...


I stumbled onto your blog while researching Spurgeon (Sparky) Avakian, the former Alameda County judge. You list him and his wife Ruth as Uncle and Aunt. If you are their niece or knew them I would really like to talk to you via email or online sometime. If you're up for that, please get back to me at

I enjoyed your blog very much. You're a very intelligent and creative lady. Thanks.

Barb said...

Hi - As Larry said, I also stumbled onto your blog thru Googling Sparky, Ruth, and Bob Avakian. Our families have been closely connected off & on thru-out the years, dating from when my mother and Ruth were classmates at Cal. I'd love to know your connection too.

Artemis Rich said...

Dear Larry:

You may email me directly at artemisrich (at) gmail (dot) com if your request is legitimate. I will need to know what information you want, what your project is and any references that can vouch for your authenticity. On receipt of the information I will it discuss it with Sparky's grandchildren. As direct descendants, it is directly up to them whether or not to proceed.

Barb: you can email me as well if you want to get in touch with anyone that you may have known specifically.

I do not answer personal questions from strangers about my family in a post intended as a virtual ofrenda. I hope you can both understand and respect this.

empyre74 said...

Hello DM, I was looking up a pal from the Navy and found his name here. Was your Mace Hanley in the Navy, joined 1993?

zachemerson at gmail com