Thursday, October 12, 2006


Late yesterday afternoon, after two days spent lolling around in pajamas feeling (and looking) like something the cat spewed on the carpet I got my ass dressed, donned the bra of office, slipped some Toy Dolls on the CD player and got to work in the kitchen. Spent a good 45 minutes scrubbing and cleaning while dancing with Arabis (she loves "Nellie the Elephant" and "Spiders in the Dressing Room").

I even managed to get dinner started before a somewhat shocked Mojo walked in the door. The three of us were actually able to eat dinner at the table. We even bathed the baby together and he cuddled and lulled her to sleep for the night.

We spent the evening working on our own projects, he to work on his new secret passion and I to holiday knitting.

Today, I have showered, dressed, fed and dressed the baby, driven Mojo to work and gone to the grocery store; all before 10 AM.

Fear me, for I am mighty!

I started taking vitamins again, along with my increased anti-depressant dosage, and I'm hoping the combination of the two is working its magic.

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Jill said...

Good for you! But holiday knitting? Do I really need to start getting ready for the holidays.