Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Once Upon A Time... (A Photo Essay)

On Sunday, Arabis, Mojo and I met my friend Lisa, her husband Evan and their fabulous son Blue for an afternoon of fun at Children's Fairyland in Oakland. As I am thoroughly knackered and not feeling at all erudite, I am going to cheat and regale you with a photo essay of our day.

Apologies and a warning to any dial-up users out there; this post is image heavy.

We arrive.


Mojo, Arabis and I look for Lisa and her family. This gentleman is no help.

A Tweedle

There's Lisa and Blue!

Blue and Lisa

We are ravenously hungry so search out the "Johnny Appleseed Cafe." It is neither a cafe, nor does it have apples. It doesn't accept debit cards either. Lisa generously treats us to a gourmet lunch.


This is Arabis' new favorite toy. It goes everywhere with us.

Arabis' Current Favorite Toy

Arabis and Papa descend into the whale's maw. And quickly come back up again. Krill makes for some unpleasant dental hygiene.

Mojo and Arabis in the Whale's Mouth

Arabis climbs back and forth over this little bridge. It requires much concentration. She loses focus for one minute and skins her knees.


Total melt down. Must be worn by the mama NOW. "Don't you DARE take my picture!"

Just after she skinned her knee

Lisa takes one too, for good measure. Arabis is not a happy camper.

Cranky baby

After a snack and some cuddles, Arabis is feeling better. She discovers the Owl and the Pussycat's boat and runs up and down the gang plank, over and over again.

Arabis walks the plank

Blue comes to play, too.

Arabis and Blue

Back on dry land, the pair attempt to make a break for it.

Arabis and Blue Make a Break for the Border

The Crooked Man watches from the yard of his crooked house.

Crooked House

Meanwhile, Mojo caddies the strollers...

Stroller Caddy

...and tries out his "mean" face.


Arabis climbs.


The genie waves us on our way.

Genie Hand

Until next time...

Thanks to Lisa for many of these photos. She took over 200 shots compared to my paltry nine. I think Lisa is a ninja paparazzi in training.


boogiemum said...

That looks like fun, but man, that place is a little creepy. Some of those figures look like they could give a child nightmares. But of course, thats me, after a particular bad experience in my early 20's I am now petrified of clowns...
Arabis is looking as cute as ever though...

Trish said...

Hello, just wanted to send a comment that I stopped by your blog and have really enjoyed it. You have great pictures and you write well.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of the two of them on the bridge. That's one for the wall and a frame, IMHO.