Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Baby in the Mirror

Bit is obsessed with her own reflection. She will spy herself in the dark screen of the TV, or in a pane of glass and become instantly entranced. Heaven forbid we should go by an actual mirror!

Her current mirror fetish is kissing. She loves kissing the baby staring back at her. Her eyes get droopy and heavy lidded, she sighs and leans in very close and then, BAM, just plants one right on the lips. She grins afterward, very proud of herself. If she is feeling particularly affectionate, she will come up for air only long enough to dive back for more. This makes her laugh and clap her hands.

For her birthday, my mother brought her a balloon with "Happy Birthday" on one side and the other plain mylar. Bit was fascinated. She sat in Papa's lap and very methodically, hand over hand on the ribbon, drew the balloon down to face level. She stared long and hard at the face gazing back, as if daring it to blink. Then the kissing began in earnest. Occasionally she would release the ribbon and the balloon would shoot back into the sky, anchored only by the green star tied to its base. Again, very slowly she would travel the length of the string, hand over hand, until the baby in the balloon would appear again.

When she got bored with that, she proceeded to suck all the mylar off the tail at the base.

Birthday Balloon 2

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