Friday, June 09, 2006


Bit sneezed so hard her pacifier went flying across the room, causing me to giggle. She looked affronted. I mimicked her sneeze in a very drawn out and exaggerated way which made her throw her little head back and guffaw. I laughed back at her and did it again. Huge belly laughs erupted from the little girl.

We continued this for a long time, back and forth, until finally collapsing in a heap of exhausted giggles.

This. This is what makes it all worth while.


Jill said...

This weekend we drove past a man who was walking up the front steps to his house in a very animated way - like the incredible hulk or something. My husband and I both knit our brows and said, "that's weird" - until we saw the two giggling little boys waiting at the door for their daddy. I love that stuff.

Artemis Rich said...

That's wonderful! I never realized how much spontaneous laughter was missing from my life until I had my daughter. Just the ability to throw one's head back and laugh, to bring one's inner goofball out into the world, is a joy unsurpassed.

I know eventually I'll end up embarassing her, but for now I can act ridiculous and my girl loves it. And so do I.