Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blue Day Book

Just for Boogiemum, and her fabulous idea for a pick me up, the "Blue Day Book" I give you: The Waffle Head.

Waffle Head

I swear I'm going to post some actual content here soon, but lack of typing time without my 16 month old weasel climbing all over me is scarce.

I also have so much to write about Robbie and the memorial that is skittering around my brain.

How do all you "Mommy Bloggers" do it? Where do you actually find the time to compose those witty morsels of everyday life complete with profound insights? And does the sleep deprivation ever really end or am I going to feel this cloudy for the rest of my days?


jen said...

the sleep deprivation does end...but that doesn't mean that I am any less cloudy...

late at night, during work...blogging manages to take over!

and lastly...ADORABLE!

boogiemum said...

So cute...soon waffles will be the new fashion, I just know it!

The sleep deprivation ends eventually, either that or it may seem so and really your body just adjusts to it. I am not entirely sure which it is... As far as the cloud goes, well, I am worse than ever so I may not be a good one to give you encouragement in that department.