Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Feeling A Little Verklempt

I know I've not done a proper update in quite a while, but things have been proceeding at a whirlwind pace and to be perfectly honest, I know of no way to comfortably share with the world the poo-flinging currently going on in my personal monkey hut.

We've been on the see-saw: up and down, up and down.

But I want to give a huge thank you to Daring Young Mom for her shout out to the Interschnitzel and to all the folks who stopped by throughout the weekend with little bits of cheer. You made me laugh, weep and even (dare I admit it?) guffaw. Thank you. It was the simplest kindness, but the one that I needed the most.

Right now, here is what gives me the greatest joy:

Who's the Rockstar?


Mommy off the Record said...

What an absolutely adorable picture. That cuteness could cheer anyone up!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and hell yeah, i'm jealous of your T-1 connection. I'd give up chocolate for a year to trade for one. (well, maybe six months.... yeah six months no chocolate for a t-1. that'd be a good trade.)

Artemis Rich said...

Ohhh...I don't know...that's a hell of a trade-off. Six months of no chocolate for a T-1? I mean, the T-1 is great and all, but no chocolate...?

Maybe I'm just more of an addict than you!

boogiemum said...

Such a cute pic. I am so jealous of the clothes. No shorts, tank top or buckets of sweat? Ahh... the fall in a normal part of the world...

istanbulwitch said...

do you realize that you're being a dork with your comments in my blog?
If you were smart enough, you'd already have realized that I am against the turkish policy on the Armenian issue and am with the Armenians on it.
I believe that the Armenian genocide happened.
I believe that the turkish government has to be held acountable for it and I sure hope that Turkey's relations with the Eu are broken just because of that.
But you're busy dealing with children over there. It's not like you're involved in anything political.

Artemis Rich said...

Ah, Zeynep, the "Istanbul Witch," what's wrong? Since Liz at "Granny Gets a Vibrator" closed her blogging door, are you looking for a new foil?

I left a comment in your blog *weeks* ago. You responded back politely at that time. Are you upset because I deleted your comment? It wasn't relevant in the context to that post. Or are you upset because I "breed?"

You don't know me, you don't know what I do with my day and you sure as hell don't know whether I am political or not.

I was raised by survivors of that genocide. I dealt with it every day of my childhood. I work to educate in this country, enlighten people and fight as much as I can with my voice, my writing and my presence. I teach my blonde-haired daughter Armenian, so she knows her roots.

I thought that you, being a Turkish woman who believes the truth, could do work in your country, if it is something you feel so strongly about. Allies are always good. But you are obviously a sad, bitter and unhappy woman who must spread hate like vitriol over all that is good.

I do hope you find some peace in your life.

daring one said...

That is the sweetest picture. You have something wonderful to find joy in, no matter what else happens. Warm wishes to you!