Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Morning

This is what I discovered on opening my refrigerator this morning.

I left her in there. She looks so "perky" (as my friend Anne exclaimed). And she's obviously there for a reason.

Life with my child is *never* boring!

My Refrigerator

In other news, there is much to write about and update. I've been neglectful of this forum the last few weeks, but I hope I can be forgiven due to the circumstances. There has been so much death this summer that I pray the Reaper gives us all a break.


jen said...

i swear to god my mouth watered at how much i wanted to come over for one of those very cold looking cokes.

boogiemum said...

so cute. whenever i find something like this that my kids left behind, it gives me the biggest smile. I have begun saving them and making my own "Blue Day Book."

Artemis Rich said...

Jen: by posting that photo I am revealing my addiction to the world. Coca Cola. Yes, yes, it's true. I developed the addiction shortly after giving birth. It's a sad thing. I should be getting paid ad money for that photo!

Boogiemum: that's an *awesome* idea for the "Blue Day Book!" I love it. I have a lot more photos to download to Flickr (I'm *this* close to getting a "Pro" account) and many of them fall into that category. Wait until you see the one her dad took of Arabis with the waffle on her head!