Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On a Lighter Note

In an attempt at levity, I will try to relay briefly last Saturday's adventure of meeting my first out-of-town "semi-famous" blogger, Wannabe Hippie. Arabis and I met the fabulous Miss Elaine and her friend Allyn (who, coincidentally, lives in a warehouse not far from mine) at the Bittersweet Cafe in Oakland.

Click the link. Go on. Do it. It's a chocolate cafe. A chocolate cafe. Everything has chocolate: classic chocolate, spicy chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate chai. I was in heaven, yes heaven with a hint of hell, because what kind of impression do you make on someone you're meeting for the first time when you stride proudly up to the counter and state "I'll take one of everything, please" and you're not kidding.

I was good. I got a mocha. I did not get one of everything. But I may have to make a weekly foray to try a different menu item each visit. Then go on a long walk with Arabis afterward.

The cafe is very small and table sharing is a must. There was much chatting with strangers, cooing over the baby and comparing baby stories (Arabis and Elaine's youngest daughter are six days apart). I imagine this is what happens when old war buddies meet years after the fact. They reminisce about the shared horrors experienced with a humor brought on by time and distance. Thus it is with mommy bloggers. We know each other's lives vicariously through our writing and can joke easily about teething trauma and sleepless nights.

We strolled through the neighborhood, peeking in thrift stores for an elusive 50's housewife blouse to no avail. We even ran into Mojo briefly, on his stroll back from the bike shop, clad in black and striding down the street under the Bart terminal. "I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to admit I knew you or not," he confessed later.

The boy is a dork. Pure and simple.

I was in a daze for most of the visit (due to just having received news of Robin) but it was really fun and I hope we can play again next time she comes for a visit. If only we could get the kids together!

Next time.

And now, the obligatory photo:

With Wannabe Hippie


Elaine said...

YAY! I had such a blast, especially when I got to ask you if that was your "baby daddy" and you just about clocked me! Next time, we're totally making out (you and me, not me and your baby daddy). [ducking]

Artemis Rich said...

Them's fighten' words, lady! You just said "Baby Daddy" *twice* in as many sentences. Brave men have died for less! You're just sooooo lucky you live at the other end of the state!


Woo hoo! Make out for sure!

boogiemum said...

Ahhh! I want to come next time.

Artemis Rich said...

Boogiemum: next time for sure!