Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day Nine. Move Along. Nothing to See Here.

I just got Arabis to sleep and am desperate to join her, though it is not yet 9:00 PM. This has been a long and difficult day. We've been up since 5:30 AM, an ungodly hour and not one that any reasonable person could enjoy.

Bit has been my little barnacle, attached to my hip or clinging to my leg and not wanting to let go. She has a new trick. If I have her slung on my hip and am toting her around the house and make a motion to set her down she has developed a nifty new way to express her displeasure. As I begin to lower her to the floor, she will reach out and grab my left nipple and pinch. Really hard. I am trying to put a stop to this new habit quickly as I am developing a bruise.

I think she may be feeling a little under the weather, but it's hard to tell with the pre-verbal set. She's only actually been sick once, with a cold that she caught the day before her first birthday. She's been listless and seems to bore easily these last few days, not content to play but rather to just sit curled on my lap or leaning against the back of my legs if I dare do something like the dishes.

I actually nixed her bath tonight and let her just hang out and cuddle with Papa and then me until she fell asleep. She feels a little warm but not feverish. I'm hoping there is nothing really wrong, since we are actually going out tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it. Nothing fancy, just a nice dinner at some very dear friends' house whom I don't get to see nearly as much as I'd like. They have a daughter a few months older than Arabis and I've been wanting to get the girls together for a long time. Mainly so their mothers can hang out. But we've had a hard time getting it together. I'm not sure if Mojo's going to make it or not.

This has been a rough week on so many levels. Mojo's taken some contract work writing a series of articles so he's been working into the wee hours of the morning after getting off his regular job. We need the money but it's been a struggle on all of us; him for the lack of sleep, me for the lack of parenting help and adult conversation and Arabis for minimal time with Papa.

And I still haven't gotten my filing cabinet excavated.

No gems, no literary pearls in this post. Just a really tired woman with a damaged left nipple who never bothered to get out of her pajamas today.

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boogiemum said...

I'm sorry but the entire portrait you painted here was completely funny. I love "Bit has been my little barnacle, attached to my hip or clinging to my leg and not wanting to let go" that was a great metaphor. The nipple thing cracks me up, as I used to have one of mine do that. Ouch!

I hope life settles down and you get some quality time in with Mojo. I know how hard it is to have a hubby that works into the night. Not fun.

Thanks for checking in on me today and leaving me such kind words. That was so sweet and much needed on a very difficult day. ((hugs))