Wednesday, November 01, 2006

National Blog Posting Month

Okay. What the hell. I'm doing it. NaBloPoMo.

I made the commitment and sent an enrollment email to the Powers-That-Be. The internets now know that I am a crazy person with too much to do who just gave herself something more. But I know that deep down it will be a gift to myself. I hope. There is within a desperate need to get back into the habit of writing and I have been lazy and lax.

It took me forever to realize that in order to write I just have to turn up at the desk every morning at 9 A.M. and do it. I can never convince kids of this. Faulkner said something wonderful about it when somebody asked him, 'Mr. Faulkner, do you write by inspiration of perspiration?' He said, 'I write by inspiration, but fortunately it arrives every morning at nine o'clock.'

--Reynolds Price


boogiemum said...

Ok, I signed up too. I look forward to reading your posts everyday

Jill said...

Good luck. Do you think it will count if you just post adorable pictures of Arabis every day? Maybe if you add a caption - that counts for sure.

Artemis Rich said...

Yeah, Boogiemum! Good for you for signing up. We can support each other.

Jill, it *totally* counts if I post daily adorable photos, but I want to try to get back into the habit of daily musings so I will avoid that as much as possible.

Length doesn't matter, so it can even be one sentence. For now, random rambles it is!

Anonymous said...

Found you off the nablo list...