Tuesday, November 07, 2006


With the baby down early for her nap, I am feeling a little dangerous. Venturing into an unexplored corner of the studio I discover an old, dusty desk organizer. Within I find:
  • My passport (good until 2009-woo hoo!)
  • A British Metropolitan Police whistle on a leather lanyard
  • Two calligraphy nibs
  • Two strands of gold Mardi Gras beads
  • My social security card
  • A credit card that expired in September 2000
  • A very tiny (one inch round) globe that still lists the USSR (this shouldn't be surprising based on the date of the credit card mentioned above)
This excavation was an attempt to see if I could access my two-drawer filing cabinet. I have some older writings in there (musings on family, notes for a novel unwritten and other random miscellany) that I'd like to dust off and explore during NaBloPoMo. The file cabinet is firmly blocked by Mojo's card catalogue, so there is no way to get into it that doesn't involve major furniture moving. With the baby dozing on the day-bed behind me, this is obviously out of the question. At least for right now. Perhaps this evening I can get Mojo to pull it out for me.

We shall see...

1 comment:

boogiemum said...

I love finding old stuff that I forgot I even had.
I hope Mojo moves the furniture for you, because it would be great to hear some of your older writings...