Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Believe Those Who Are Seeking the Tooth...

Believe those who are seeking the tooth; doubt those who find it.

--Andre Gide (whose wisdom of teething knows no bounds)

I started writing an hour ago and only managed a fraction of a sentence. Now it is all lost in my brain and I've not the mental capabilities to reconstruct it.

Arabis continues to be miserable and I do all I can. This multiple tooth cutting business is hell. The doctor predicted months ago (when I lamented the fact that my baby had no teeth) that she'd probably get them all at once. I, in my naivete, had no clue what that would actually mean.

It means discomfort. Of the extreme variety. And pain. It means nights of no sleep and days of getting nothing done. It means grasping at every possible remedy to relieve the discomfort. It means screaming and crying and gnawing.

She is cutting four teeth currently. Two of them molars. I suspect a fifth tooth of the molar persuasion to be lurking just beneath the surface. I do what I can and it is never enough.

I have no brain and very little time when the child is not clinging to me for comfort or wailing at me in pain. So forgive my absence a bit longer and commiserate with me in spirit. I'm still here. Just busy doing my Mama-act.

I promise, once this instance is past, I will write a long and witty post wherein there will be no mention of teeth whatsoever. Maybe it will even be baby-free. I am beginning to feel like one of those women who can only ever talk about their kids, but she takes up all my time. And I love it. know...I don't want to bore my friends.


boogiemum said...

hang in there. we will be waiting for the post. I even don't mind if its all about being a mom as I completely understand

Jill said...

Man, I'm glad we escaped teething problems. We've had pacifier addiction, sleep disruptions, asthma babies and separation anxiety - but never teething pain. Wait, I better go find some wood to knock on.

Artemis Rich said...

Thank you, Boogiemum! You're awesome.

Minnehaha: thank you for making me giggle and be afraid all at the same time. Is *that* what I have to look forward to?

Just wait until the posts bemoaning about the pacifier addiction and the separation anxiety. How we will laugh, remembering the good old days when it was *only* teething!