Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eeny Meeny Greeny Beany

"Eeny meany greeny beany. The green beans are about to speak!"
"Are they friendly green beans?"
"Friendly? Juuuuust eat 'em!"

(With many thanks to Jay Ward and Rocky and Bullwinkle)

Green beans are Arabis' faaaaaavorite food. I cannot begin to express the joy of this child when presented with green beans. We have just started giving her actual pieces of green bean to eat, rather than feeding her the mushy baby food stuff. She has been in green bean heaven. Greeny beanies for breakfast. Greeny beanies for lunch. Greeny beanies for dinner.

Is it possible to get too much of a good thing?

Yes. Yes it is.

I can illustrate why with four words: explosive green bean poop. With little green chunks of bean.

Can I hear a collective "EEEWWWW" from the congregation? Tell it to me, brothers and sisters!

Which, as soon as I removed her diaper, she proceeded to roll around in whilst attempting to flee, sending green poop flying in every direction.

I decided to put her right in the bath. It was the only way to deal with the mess. Since her previous bath time accident I have been waiting until after she's defecated before giving her a bath. I mean, she's pooped three times today. What are the odds?

After giving her a quick rinse under the running spigot, I filled the tub and jumped in with her.

This isn't quite going where you think it is.

She peed. Now, had she just sat in the water and peed like any self-respecting baby would do, no one would've been the wiser and the bath would've continued just fine. Not my daughter. She had to stand up and face me. Smiled the most beatific smile in the world, bent her knees slightly and peed like a race horse. Grinning the whole time. Did I mention the grin? Like the Cheshire Cat meets Sardonicus. Like she was saying "Piss on you, Mom."

I drained the bath and we finished in the shower.

Mojo is home and watching the baby. We all (Monkey, Weasel and I) had meltdowns just about as soon as he walked in the door. I managed to make a decent dinner. The Weasel Grrl has been an Evil Dwarf all afternoon until I realized it's the four damned new teeth that she's cutting. So she's been dosed with both Tylenol and Baby Orajel and is finally sleeping contentedly.

I'm drinking fruit punch flavored Kool-Aid with a shot of rum in it since that's the closest I've got to a fruity rum drink around the place. Now, if only I had a little paper umbrella...


Krissy said...

OMG! First, my daughter is also obsessed with green beans and has been since she first got them as mush...lol. And she decided last night to stand up and pee while I was changing her diaper. Yeah. She got very upset after she had done it though LOL.

boogiemum said...

yes, went through that with broccoli. gross!

ohhh! make me a drink too... cheers!