Friday, August 18, 2006

New Name

Okay. This is it. This has been weighing heavily on my mind for the last few days and I realize I need to do it. It came to me in a dream, and I am from a background where you don't ignore the messages that come to you in sleep.

I'm changing the name of my blog.

The current name is a joke anyway. Originally I got a blogspot account so I could leave snarky comments on the blog for my boyfriend's radio show. Since I have two other blogs that I use regularly, I needed a third blog like I guessed it...a hole in the head.


But then, I didn't expect it to become so important to me.

I am a big Jack Kerouac fan. Have been since I was a kid (yes, I read Kerouac as a child). It's a little like reading about my dad. You see, he did the whole Kerouac/Cassaday thing at the exact same time they were doing it: hopping freights, working as carnies, selling blood to live, listening to lots of good jazz. I believe he was also at the first reading of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl."

My dad rocks.

I also think the name embraces the spirit of duality that exists within that I am struggling with, that of being a mother and an artist, an actor, a surfer, a sea kayaker, a fire performer, a fight choreographer, a knitter, a writer, a shit-disturber...we seem to be drifting out of the realm of duality and into multiple-personality disorder. Perhaps "Sybil's Blog" may be more appropriate?

But no.

So in homage and solidarity with all the other Dharma Bums, I give you:

Dharma Mum.

(Besides, you'd be amazed at how many hits I get from people googling for info about "babies with holes in their heads.")


Jill said...

Funny, I thought the name meant "I need this baby like I need a hole in the head." But of course you DO need the baby, so that doesn't make any sense.

OK, so now I need to update the blogroll.

boogiemum said...

I like it. I think it fit you/your blog nicely.

Caryn said...

I LOVE the blog title. It's a big reason why I hopped over here to check it out, actually.