Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Long and Drawn Out Silent Scream

We are awake and have been for the past hour plus. Because teething sucks. But molars? Qualify as torture under the Geneva Convention.

So we sit wrapped in a blanket. Arabis has buried her head between my breasts and has one hand laying against my neck. I have her completely covered over with a soft, fleecy blanket and she is moaning softly.

Teething sucks. That is all and that is enough.

I am beyond tired.


b said...

I agree. Have you tried Hylands teething tablets? that worked wonders for me with both my boys. Hope those molars come in soon...

Artemis Rich said...

I have many friends for whom Hylands have worked absolute wonders. But I think that's for babies who teeth in a sane and rational manner.

The Bit gets all her teeth in chunks. First two, than six and now four (two of which are molars). It's a painful, drawn-out process that only seems to be allieved by Baby Tylenol and Baby Orajel.

But thanks for the tip and the good wishes!

boogiemum said...

Hows the teething going? hopefully a little better?